About the Author

When I was young, my greatest wish was to be a concert pianist.  Prodigious at practice, I sat at the piano at least 4 hours day during the school year, and 8 during the summer.  I was very good, if I do say so myself. My teacher had planned a Carnegie Hall concert for me, but my daughter had other plans.  She wouldn’t let me practice.  She was 3 months old and wanted to be held at all times when I played the piano.  We couldn’t afford a baby sitter, so piano playing and practice took a back seat.   Not so with my writing.  I wouldn’t and didn’t let anything interfere with being at my computer.  When I began writing, computers weren’t even heard of, so it was the typewriter.  But I persevered, first with non-fiction, and then took classes to learn how to write fiction. This too required practice, practice and more practice.  With the culmination of all that practice came the pages of Sargent’s Lady. It was vicarious living for me, and when you read it, I hope you find it the same for you.

See my television interview about Sargent’s Lady

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1 Response to About the Author

  1. cmwriter says:

    So happy to see you on “WordPress.” Looking forward to your posts and your adventures with Sargent’s Lady.

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